The many dance moves of David Tennant

David Tennant -> Unseen Observer mag pic by Ellis Parrinder (x)

   ↳ “How do you work this bloody coat?

ok, so i’m trying to create this great big doctor/rose playlist thing. i already have a playlist dedicated to tentoo/rose and a playlist JUST for doomsday.

in the works are kind of a general ten/rose thing and sort of a mourning playlist for like series 3 ish

SO my main issue with this whole thing is: do i go for a nine/rose thing or no?


We’re not THAT excited.

Casual White House selfie. I get to see the inside of this bad boy tomorrow.

So there was an ‘FBI in Pop Culture’ display.

sometimestheysay replied to your post: “things that happened today:”:

I will be in the same city as you in 12 hours!